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    Is it possible to automate notes?

      I am trying to find a way to automate note selection on drawings. I was hoping to be able to use the Custom Properties tab to display a list of available notes that a user to select from. Is there any way to do this?
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          Jeff Hamilton
          Possibly. But a long note could be a hassle to edit using the custom property window. Very creative idea though.
          You could create a series of blocks that are saved with the template file, but then every note would be a separate entity.
          You could put all the notes on a separate Word document that everyone has access to and then do a copy/paste.
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            Eddie Cyganik


            1 - We have the majority of our notes in an excel file. This is the best solution for us because we literally have hundreds of notes.

            2 - Our templates also have a group of required and some common notes, therefore depending on the drawing type, the user may delete some notes and then add others.

            3 - Lastly, for some frequently used notes, we use the Design Library. Using this method, you access the Task Pane, go to our company specified location, identify the necessary note and then simply drag & drop the note onto the drawing.

            Method 2 or 3 work best if you have a limited number of notes.
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              Larry Burton
              I tried messing around with a similiar idea and gave up because of the complexities involved. What I finally ended up doing was putting a standard note on the templates that has (3) sections: Material, Finish and Notes. Under each of these sections, I listed all of our standard options. This note was put at the sheet level, not the sheet format, so you can edit it without having to "Edit Sheet Format"<br /><br /> Then when you create a drawing, you simply edit the note by removing/editing the portions you don't want.<br /><br /> Here is a sample:<br /><br /><u>MATERIAL:</u> <br />   C.R. STEEL, .0598 THK., 16 GA.<br />   ALUMINUM 6061-T6, .125 THK. <br />   ALUMINUM 5052-H32, .125 THK.<br />   STAINLESS STEEL 304, 7-28 GA (.1874 THK), # 3 FINISH<br />   STAINLESS STEEL PLATE 304, .250 THK. , 2B FINISH<br />   STAINLESS STEEL TUBE 304, <MOD-DIAM>2.00 X .065 WALL, BRUSH FINISH<br /><br /><u>FINISH: </u><br />   GOLD IRIDITE<br />   ZINC PLATE W/ YELLOW CHROMATE CONVERSION .0002-.0004 THICK<br />   MASK AS SHOWN & <br />   PAINT OR POWDER COAT CARBIDE BLACK, SHERWIN WILLIAMS  #F63B12 (OR EQUIVALENT)<br />   PAINT OR POWDER COAT FLAT WHITE, SHERWIN WILLIAMS #F63TXW594-4337 (OR EQUIVALENT)<br />   PAINT OR POWDER COAT  FLAT BLACK, SHERWIN WILLIAMS #F63TXB6041-4337 (OR EQUIVALENT)   <br />   PAINT OR POWDER COAT RAL 7035, SHERWIN WILLIAMS #F63BXA10864-4337 (OR EQUIVALENT)<br />   BLACK ANODIZE<br />   CLEAR ANODIZE<br />   MAINTAIN # 3 FINISH<br />   BRUSHED FINISH<br />   BROAD BAND AR COATING (<.5% REFLECTION FROM 400 - 800 nm), APPLIED TO ALL OPTICAL SURFACES<br />   DIP-APPLIED THERMAL CURED POLYSILOXANE HARDCOATING FOR ABRASION RESISTANCE APPLIED TO ALL OPTICAL SURFACES<br />   HYDRO-SEAL PERMANENT, CHEMICALLY BONDED HYDROPHOBIC COATING<br />   NONE<br /><br /><u>NOTES:</u><br />   1. STAMP,  MARK OR ETCH PART (APPROX 1/8" HT) TO SHOW P/N-REV: $PRPSHEET:{SW-File Name}-01<br />   1. WRAP PART & LABEL PACKAGE TO SHOW P/N-REV:<br />   2. ALL DIMENSIONS ARE AFTER FINISH<br />   3. DRILLED HOLE DIA. TOLERANCES ARE TO BE PER MACHINERY'S HANDBOOK UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED<br />   4. SMOOTH ALL NIBBLED AND PUNCHED EDGES<br />   5. CONTINUOUS WELD ALL SEAMS AND GRIND EXTERIOR SURFACES SMOOTH<br />   6. WELD INSIDE/OUTSIDE FOR FOOD GRADE APPLICATION<br />   7. 3D FILE AVAILABLE AS .SLDPRT FORMAT, CONTACT ENGINEERING<br /><br /><br />
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                Ken Larsen
                Do a search for a "CommonNotes" macro. You'll find it very helpfull.
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                  Andy Sanders
                  I created a drawing with a bunch of commonly used notes and excel sheets. I made it a template file and put it in the drawing templates.

                  If I need any of them, I just start a new drawing, pick the "misc notes" drawing and draw from it whatever I need.

                  When we have a new commonly used note, I just add it.
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                    Bernie Daraz

                    In my case it was relatively easy to do as we only had three possible finishes. I have three .drwdot's for each and use custom properties to update the standard notes for material thickness and a standar group of othe rnotes. All custom properties are stored in each individual assembly .sldasm for each part. We use assemblies for all parts even when the part has no other attached details. That eliminates a drawing having disappearing views because you added a PEM to a part.