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Electrical routing individual wires cut list

Question asked by Jeroen te Braake on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Jeroen te Braake

Dear community


I seem to be having an enormous amount of unsolvable trouble with something very basic.

the issue:

i have routed wires using a from/to list.

All the wires routed correctly.

The wires are solid bodies under a harness part ( i think thats the way it is suppsoed to be?).

Each wire has a correct thickness color etc.

See attached image


When i make a drawing SW will automatically call out the length of each wires, so that is good, thats what i want.

BUT i also want these lengths to be visible in a cut list, however any cut list i insert des not show every individual wire but just groups all the same color wires together and sets the QTY to 1. See attached image.

I also cant balloon the wires. The mosueover states:"component is excluded from BOM" but i cant figure out how to include them in the bom since they are bodies.


What is the workflow SW wants you to use for creating a cut list of indivual wires+their connectors on each end? does every individual wire need to be a .prt to be able to make a cut list? if yes, how do i ensure that?


kind regards, Jeroen