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Creating pump head simulation

Question asked by Alex Domka on Apr 22, 2019

I'm trying to create a study for a project in school to compare impeller shape, and a number of vanes to pump head. But I cannot get the simulation to run correctly and the impellers won't push any fluid up a vertical pipe. I have Boundary condition at top of pipe open pressure to the environment and an inlet pipe with inlet velocity at 0. I even tried putting starting condition above the pump to prime it, but all the flow just gets stuck before it enters impeller and I get large negative pressures.


EDIT: I increased the inlet velocity and it seems to be working now,

EDIT: But if I suppress the rotating body with having an input velocity the flow still travels up the pipe...


Is there a way to stop simulation once the study reaches max head? As in when the flow in the pipe reaches 0 m/s simulation is complete. Its running for 2.5 hours but I get the results I need in about 1 min or less.