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Trouble with Surfaces, making solids

Question asked by Justin Martin on Apr 21, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2019 by Justin Martin

Hey guys.


Long story short, I have an aircraft designed in other software, and drawings. To build it in SolidWorks I had to create many sketches/outlines and loft the wing and fuselage sections.


I am having trouble turning it all into a solid to run CFD. I have knitted everything I can, and finally made it so the wings can be ran in cfd, however I can not make the fuselage work.


Knitting everything doesnt work. Filling holes and voids with the filled surface command worked on one surface but not others. And lastly the entire fuselage seems to have trouble with the "thicken" command. I have one corner that will only thicken outward, fuselage side panels that will only thicken inward, and another corner that wont thicken at all.


Thanks for any tips and trick in advance.

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