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From PDM Works 2007 to PDM Works 2009

Question asked by Erik De Zeeuw on Apr 1, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by Erik De Zeeuw
We had a server, we will call it server1 which was running pdm workgroup 2007 sp5,
we have just set up a new server where we have copied the server1 vault
and installed the pdm workgroup 2009 SP0.0

Our users are running solidworks 2009 SP3 and cannot connect to the vault
on sever2.

I've contacted the support before installing the update and they've told me
that if our solidworks users are in SP3.0 version, the pdm workgroup needs
to be in the same release...

The problem is that it appears that I cannot find a download link for
the SP3.0 of PDM Workgroup 2009...

any help will be appreciated.