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Using a top-level design table to call configurations in components of sub-assemblies

Question asked by David Gervais on Apr 19, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by M. B.

I am working on a very large SW assembly and want to drive some of its components with a design table.


If I have (as an example):







It is fairly easy to drive any component or sub-assembly that is only one level down (Part 1 or SubAsm) by using $configuration@component_name<instance>.

However, in this example, it seems I cannot use a design table in "Asm" to control the active configuration of "Part2" or "Part3", which leads me to ask:


Can you use a top-level design table to call configurations in components of sub-assemblies?

If not, is there any good alternative to this problem? I can already think of a few, but most of them seem very unpractical.


In case you need more explanation on what exactly I am trying to do:

Imagine I got an assembly of a house. One of the sub assemblies is the bathroom. One of the sub assemblies of the bathroom is the door. The door has 4 different configurations. I want to be able to use a single Excel file that determines not only which configuration of said door will be active, but also which configurations are active in every "many levels down" assembly of my main assembly.

In this example, maybe I could use a design table in the sub assembly of the bathroom. However, I would need that design table to be driven by the design table of my main assembly, which I fear will lead to more problems. Can I use a design table to drive multiple other design tables levels down without generating errors and save/rebuild problems?