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Black screen near start of render, and then CPU-only mode?

Question asked by Jeffrey Model on Apr 19, 2019

While trying to do a reasonably basic render tonight, I had the screen cycle to black and then come back, similar to the behavior that was causing crashes a few months ago. This time, however, instead of crashing, the render automatically picked up where it left off - but in CPU-only mode. My CPU was at 98+% load while all GPUs were sitting idle.


The crashing obviously means something went sideways (will be doing a re-install of Visualize this weekend), but is the automatic switch to CPU-only a new feature? Or did something unexpected happen there?


I'm running 2019 SP1 and the render was set to GPU-only w/denoiser.


Edit: Visualize has started doing the behavior on demand. Any time I render with the denoiser, the render pauses for about a minute at Pass 10, and then it continues on but in CPU-only mode. If I don't use the denoiser, the render completes without issue.


Edit 2: Problem went away with a reinstall + upgrade to SP2.