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Wiring diagrams with cables as subassemblies/parts that will appear on a BOM

Question asked by Tony Marino on Apr 18, 2019


We currently use Visio for our "wiring diagrams", see the example. However, we have a problem when it comes to cables. As you can see, we try to make our cables look like the actual cables rather than just a wire. In other words, a USB cable will have connectors that look like USB connectors. The problem with Visio is that there's no way (at least that I can find) to have a "USB Cable" symbol or subassembly. You have to manually go in and select two connectors out of the library, place them and then connect them with a line/connector. And because there's no way to have a cable subassembly there's no way to autogenerate a BOM that calls out the cable.


My question is, can Solidworks Electrical generate these types of 2D drawings with cables that look like real cables that are actually subassemblies that can be autogenerated on a BOM?