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Target Parts Rotating 90 degrees in Assembly when Adding Hardware/Parts

Question asked by Luke B. on Apr 17, 2019

We recently updated from SW '16 to SW '17 and every time I attempt to add hardware from our library, the part with the target hole rotates 90 degrees relative to the rest of the assembly. If I close out of the insert components feature, the part stays rotated until I rebuild. Then it looks as if nothing happened. This make for adding multiple screws very difficult because I have to add in all the mates one at a time after I insert the hardware out into free space.


This is in fully defined assemblies.


This is for parts we have created in our library with preexisting mate references.


This is driving me insane.


Before adding hardware/post rebuilding after adding hardware. Note how the countersunk plate is parallel with the rest of the assembly. (as it should be)

after rebuild.png


When trying to add hardware. Note how the plate rotates 90 degrees on its own.

adding hw.png