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Problem adding Custom File Property to part from drawing BOM

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Brian Stoddard

I have a BOM on my drawing that has multiple configurations showing in it. Recently, I added a new Custom File Property for Cage Code that will be used on all of our parts and drawing BOMs (per ASME Y14.34 – Associated Lists). When I copy from one populated cell to a blank cell, the Custom File Property is added to that part that wasn’t originally populated. With configurations, that is still the case.


However, when I copy and paste from a cell that is in a configuration, the info only is being put into the first configuration. It does create the Custom File Property in that configuration when I open the part. If, on the drawing, I manually enter the info into the blank cell, and keep the link, the info get written into the 1st configuration only.


Is there an SW bug that prevents this from working correctly with configurations? The copy & paste works fine with parts that don’t have configurations. Obviously, I can go to the part and enter it there but doing this from the drawing works best for those legacy parts that didn’t have the Custom File Property already added. Also, once added to the other configurations, I can’t remove it from the drawing. I have to go to the part and remove it there.



Custom Property of Cage Code being used to drive these values



Custom Property of -01 configuration for Rod part




Custom Property of -02 configuration for Rod part