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Single Master Model to Control Multiple Configurations of Component by Global Variables

Discussion created by Rob Edwards on Apr 18, 2019
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Good Morning Folks


I was banging my head against a brick wall with this for two days, until I had a flash of inspiration whilst walking to work this morning.

I thought I'd share in case anyone else may find it useful - especially people who would like to avoid Design Tables.


The model is deceptively simple, but Solidworks outright refused to comply and I believe this is due to a limitation that assigning an in-context equation to a configured dimension does not produce an update holder. (Enhancement Request Maybe?)


Let me give an example


I have a single master model. In this trivial case there is no geometry in the master part, just some Global Variables.

Next I have a component with 3 configurations, the goal is for the single master model to update all three configurations - simple right?

When configuring the equations from the master part directly to the component dimensions no errors were ever produced and no traffic lights appeared, but only one value propagated to all configs. Manually editing the components and rebuilding worked, but this limited functionality was untenable.


In the end the solution was simplicity itself, create an equal number of Global Variables in the Component to the number of configs and pass them to all configs, then configure the dimensions locally.


Works like a charm now.. I'm pretty buzzin,, this is powerful stuff for my line of work.


All the best