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Create resource when rebuild

Question asked by Mário Neto on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Jim Wilkinson



I guess this is a bit of unusual question.


When i first started using solidworks, i had the 2016 version. Then, later, the company i work decided to upgrade it to the 2017.

When i design a part, i tend to first select the resource (for example, extruded base) and then do the sketch. If i, while on the sketch, used the "rebuild" function, the sketch would instantly become the resource i first selected with the last configurations i used for that particular resource.

Later when the software was upgraded, that function didn't work anymore, and now it just closes the sketch. As i was used to creating the resources using the "rebuild" function, i oftenly end up with a closed sketch and no resource nowadays.


Could someone maybe help me figure it out?

Thank you!