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Save/AutoSave is ridiculously slow in SolidWorks 2019

Question asked by Kevin Maloney on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by Richard Lundy

I've seen a few posts regarding performance issues in 2019, but I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing excruciatingly slow performance with the Save (or AutoSave) function of SolidWorks 2019?


We're running 2019 SP2, Windows 7 Professional, Dell Precision T5810 w/ nVidia Quadro M4000 Graphics cards, 500GB SSD drives (although files are being saved across a network. No PDM currently in place.


This really rears it's ugly head on assemblies. Admittedly, some of our assemblies are very large 5K - 10K total parts. So, I do expect it to take a little while to save, but not like this. And I'll put it into perspective - Just as a test, I hit Save on a top-level assembly that I was working on, which I had just saved a few minutes earlier. In prior releases of SolidWorks, the software was intelligent enough to recognize that no changes were made, and hence, nothing needed to be re-saved. In this instance, I waited 3 minutes while it "Saved" the assembly.


Again, just wondering if anyone else is seeing similar performance issues during save operations.