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Dimensions being offset and loosing associativity

Question asked by Joe Dunfee on Apr 1, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2009 by Joe Dunfee
We are having occasional problems with dimensions and center lines being offset from the object.

In general the "offset dimensions" problem is a group of dimension object (such as lines or dimensions) will be maybe 1/2" away from the object they should be connected to. It may be all of the dimensions on a view, or more likely just a portion of them. This "offset dimensions" problem is something we don't see when the dimensions are first created. I am not clear if they appear when first opening a drawing that had been dimensioned during a previous edit, or by changing between open documents.

I haven't personally observed if the values for the dimensions are correct or not. But, a coworker says they were not updated when he made a change. So, perhaps once they become offset, they are no longer associative to the model.

This problem is a critical issue, because it means drawing dimensions are not reliable.

Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas about the trigger for this problem?

Joe Dunfee