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Method for moving multiple SW installations on the same machine

Question asked by Garet Holcomb on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Heiko Sohnholz

My work laptop is starting to feel the crunch, with four discreet SW installations (16-19) on the primary drive (SSD).  I'm starting to get squawked at because it's filling up.


I'm working on moving other programs to my rotating secondary drive (2TB) but I need to be careful about handling SW because of... touchy... it can be sometimes.

I guess the easiest way is to completely blow all the installs away and start over.  If I go this route is there a guide on how to get four installations to play nicely on the same machine... NOT on the system hard drive?


To forestall the question, I do outsourced design work and many of my customers use old versions and want native file formats.