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Editing/resetting registry for SolidWorks

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Frederick Law

One of my fellow co-workers ran a setting from 2016 for 2019 even though I had deleted all the previous settings from our servers and had advised him not to. Turns our he had one laying around on his computer and he used it. Now, he's running into weird errors/bugs such as he's not able to open a file from inside a drawing and other little things. Those little things are all inconsistent, sometimes they work, 5 minutes later they don't.


I figured I would just go ahead and reset his registry, as I had a procedure that I found online made by Javelin Tech referencing every location. I also had one made by one of my advisors but his wasn't as complete in terms of registry locations.


This is the one by Javelin Tech that I was refering to:


So, I went into his registry and went ahead and added the bold part to the following(so that they would recreate themselves clean):







In 2016, that would do the trick to reset the registry and most settings from SolidWorks, as far as I'm aware. I'm now on 2019 SP2, I tried doing the same thing on my co-worker's computer and started getting a bunch of weird stuff.


With all 4 registry entries renamed, SolidWorks installer would launch itself and give me errors that it can't find it's serial number. I could press on ignore and have it continue but the pop-up comes back constantly and after pressing about 15 times in 15 seconds, I got annoyed and canceled as it just wasn't progressing anyway


If I removed the _OLD on the LOCAL_MACHINE entries, the program would launch itself but give a bunch of errors about not being able to find database.


So my question is, how do you reset registries now in 2019? Is there somewhere where it is clearly explained..?