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How to modify hotspot id for CGM export?

Question asked by Patrick Callahan on Apr 16, 2019

I'm working on creating a technical manual with S1000D documentation standards. This requires a CGM export along with an XML, which I've been able to do no problem. However, although I can modify most of the metadata for hotspots, I am unable to modify the "hotspot id". If I try to add it as a property to the hotspot, it does not appear. Solidworks automatically assigns "HSmgHotSpotId.X" where "X" counts upwards from 0 based on how many hotspots are present.


Below is the Meta-Properties window, and the property is in the drop down list, but if I try to "Add the meta-property to the selection" of the hotspot, nothing happens. Am I missing something? Help would be greatly appreciated.