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"hidden" partno for design library electric routing parts

Question asked by Jeroen te Braake on Apr 16, 2019

Dear community


I have a question regarding the "partno" value when creating a from-to list in solidworks routing.

Attached you will find a screenshot of the solidworks example that comes with the installation (:c\programdata\solidworks\2018\design library\routing\electrical).

As can be seen the connectors that are referenced are "db15-plug" and "db9-plug" BUT these connectors are not named liked that. Instead the file name is "db9 male".

If you would fill in "db9 male" in the from-to list in excel SW will state that it cannot find the part and you have to manually select it everytime you route something. This becomes quite time consuming.


I would like to know how to find the "partno" for every part.

Google, document properties, BoM or the configuration manager did not help me.


Greetings, Jeroen