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Weldments Neutral Axis and Joints

Question asked by Dumisani Thomenic Mafanele on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Jay Seaglar

Hi Team,


I really need help on the challenges I have experienced on weldments.

I have a building structure made of weldments and few solid gussets.

The challenge I have with it is that automatic detection of joints does not connect all my members as it should.

Digging deep into this, I realized that weldments not joining together from automatic joints detection are those with the unsymmetrical neutral axis or rather not aligned neutral axis. Following the dig, the automatic definition of neutral axis uses the sketch lines I used to position the weldment and the position on the cross-section of the weldment. The result of all this has caused the model to fail to mesh, generate short beams due to misaligned and wrongly defined neutral axis.

I have searched down to figure out if I could redefine the neutral axis, which is possible, but I cannot centralize my neutral axis. on the center of the weldment, there's no edge to place the neutral axis.

I have also used "treat as joint for clearance less than x distance", where x can be any value of clearance. This too did not help much.

When I try to open connections, SolidWorks crushes do what it does best, collecting reasons why it crashed.


I need help on this challenge, my project is overdue because of this failure to simulate the structure.


Kindly see attached and help.