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Sketch Text Created from Block Not Exporting to DXF correctly

Question asked by Brian Hiebert on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by John Christensen

On some of my sheet metal parts I would like to insert simple text "UP" just for reference to make sure the part is oriented correctly through the mfg process. I am also etching some other reference lines on the parts as well. Our CNC plasma has the marking capability. I simply export these sketches as a separate layer on the DXF.

To make it quicker, I saved the "UP" sketch as a sketch block in the library. However, when exporting, it sometimes inverts the arcs as shown in second screenshot. It shows up fine in Solidworks but will show inverted in any other program. Reseller has submitted this to solidworks but I'm scratching my head.

My goal was, to create a SW Drawing of all sheet metal parts in assembly, then save the whole works to DXF making it easier to control orientation of sheet metal parts. When I do that, it exports the "UP" sketch without the construction lines that were used in creating the block. But if I export the part from the model, it includes the construction lines in the same layer and I have to manually clean it up..... It doesn't seem to make any difference on whether it inverts the arcs or not.

Am I missing something when using this sketch block?