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Relative views with no viewing plane line when detailing?

Question asked by Ryan Burhans on Apr 14, 2019

I'm messing around with creating relative views on drawings. It seems like a pretty cool option because it gives you the ability to create more of a variety of orientations than the traditional auxiliary view would give you. However, the viewing plane line still seems like a good idea to try and maintain just as you would see in a regular auxiliary view, but out of the few tutorials on relative views I've watched, nobody mentioned anything about it after they threw the view into the drawing.  I don't see any option to create one when I create a relative view. So, if I wanted to created a relative view to say, show the true size and shape of an inclined plane feature of a part, I would still like there to be something there to tip off the print reader right away what feature of the part is being shown orthogonally. Is there a way to create this viewing plane line for a relative view?