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Solidworks Slow in Windows 10

Question asked by Stewart Barker on Apr 13, 2019

My Solidworks has been slow for some time and I've been trying to find out why !

I'm running SW 2018 under Windows 10 on a Dell Precision Laptop with 16Gb memory and a Samsung Pro SSD. The Laptop is a few years old but should still give reasonable performance.

Solidworks would take up to 50 seconds to open and most annoyingly the options panel would freeze for at least 20 seconds when closing it.


I have a client ( a large multinational oilfield service co) who is still running SW 2015 and I'm not fond of multiple installations on the same machine so I installed SW 2015 on and old, less powerful, laptop running Windows 7 and accepted the chore of swapping the license whenever I needed to use the other laptop.

I was amazed to find that Solidworks ran much faster on the older, slower laptop.


After a lot of trial and error it appears that it was the "Trusteer Rapport" endpoint security application that was causing the problems.

Once I had  removed "Trusteer Rapport" Solidworks would load in 11 seconds, the options window closed in 1 second and the Solidworks Rx Benchmark was at least 50% faster on the main items.


"Trusteer Rapport" is a security tool and you should be careful about removing it but I also run the latest MCafee Security software (could they be fighting each other ?) and many Banks who originally pushed "Trusteer Rapport" are now no longer recommending it.


Has anyone else had issues with "Trusteer Rapport" ?