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What to consider in buying laptop for solidworks

Question asked by Kevin Jogin on Apr 13, 2019

I am thinking to upgrade my laptop "Alpha N850EJ Laptop | METABOX Australia " as it is slow and hangs often, and its a question weather I consider better CPU or better GPU to run solidworks 2019. There are couple in my budget as "… has got better processor and on other hand Metabox workstation "Workstation Pro P955ET1 Laptop | METABOX Australia got better GPU. As both models price are close, it makes hard to decide which can be better in performance.

Basically I will be working on machine drawings with 80% creating fabrication drawings and setting company SW libraries, profiles, templates and rest 20% assemblies [varying from 5 to 250 parts in assemblies]. Can any one based on there experience please suggest how to choose mobile workstation.