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Design Table Borders on DWG

Question asked by Danilo Rauen on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Danilo Rauen

Good morning everyone!

I don't know if anybody has ever seen/ had this kind of problem, so I'm open to any suggestion.

I'm used to create multiple configurations for parts on the design table, and whenever I need to detail those dimensions on a drawing, a make a separate table inside the excel, just so it has a better layout, linking the values of the dimensions, like this.

Table Excel2.JPG


But when I insert the DT on the drawing, the outside borders and the title borders turn blank, only leaving the inside lines of the table. That happens whenever I change the line style, either a thicker line, or double line.


I noticed that started when I upgraded to Solidworks 2017, but didn't have any problems with older versions. So now, every time I have to revise a DWG, the tables look weird.

Of course, this is completely aesthetic. I can solve this by using the regular line weight all around the table, but the lines don't show up as much as I would like, or by inserting a general table, and manually input all data.

If anybody has a better suggestion on how to show this tables with dimensions on the drawing, please comment as well!


Thank you!