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Manipulate Description Value Text/Expression?

Question asked by Dave Bear on Apr 14, 2019
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G'day folks,


Can I manipulate a "Description" value to achieve the following results?


Scenario :- I have created a template to model an angled handrail stanchion. For this particular stanchion, the base mounting plate can only be at an angle of between 0-14 degrees (from horizontal) before it would become necessary for it to have a different profile base mounting plate.

Snip 1.JPG


Within my template, the first sketch has been named "Angle Required" and within that sketch the dimension for the angle has been given the primary value of "ANGLE".


Snip 2.JPG


Now, as a standard part from the supplier, you would dictate this stanchion as "Stanchion Angle Mounted 0-14 degrees (AM)" and then might add a note confirming the actual angle (specific) that you require. Hence, my part "Description" is as you see below.......


Snip 3.JPG


What I would like to know is if it is possible to manipulate the value/expression automatically so that the result would replace the '0-14 Deg' with the actual property of "ANGLE" in the sketch? So, for example, I was to edit the dimension in the sketch to 6 degrees, my Evaluated Value for "Description" would then automatically update to "Stanchion Angled Mounted 6 Deg (AM)".


So in essence the "Value/Text Expression" field might need some form of expression like, "Stanchion Angle Mounted (=ANGLE@Angle Required) (AM)", if that makes sense?


Yep, I know that I can just as easily overwrite the field each time I create one of these parts, but why should I have to remember to do that if it can be achieved automatically?


Any and all advice greatly appreciated.