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Re-creating toolbox part configurations with correct properties

Question asked by Scott Post on Apr 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Nuno Lopes

In the past it was hit or miss whether we'd model fasteners so we never put much effort into configuring Toolbox.  We're looking at new suppliers to build our machines and they require fasteners be in the BOM so we want useful properties in our toolbox parts to drive the BOM.  Our toolbox is in our PDM vault.  So what I've done is create custom values for Manufacturer, Part Number, and Description in our toolbox configuration.  I deleted all the configurations in the part models for the toolbox components we use the most (socket head screws, nuts, washers, etc).  My thought was this would cause the configurations to get re-created with the correct custom properties.  It didn't go as I expected.  If I open an assembly that has toolbox components that were added before I created the custom properties in our toolbox configuration, SW will re-create the configurations for those fasteners but use the "old" values of those properties.  Those values seem to be stored in the assembly model.  Is there a way to override this behaviour and have new configurations of toolbox parts created using my "new" values for those custom properties?