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Simple FEA study giving me issues

Question asked by Nathan Roscup on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by Mohamed El Orche

So I'm just trying to do a simple pin system assembly as a demonstration. I was thinking I should be able to add fixed fixture for the two plates and pull a force down on a middle plate.


I initially had issues with fixing a pin since it kept getting large displacements, I tried un-clicking large displacements and I get odd loading since it thinks the pin is rotating still, even after I fixed the pin.


I deleted the study and restarted now I'm getting the following error.


"The Iterative Solver stopped.

The solver has numerical difficulties.

Model may not have adequate fixtures.

No results saved."


I've attached the test fixture as a pack'n go, all I was trying to do is demonstrate FEA in soldworks with a simple assembly... but apparently I can't it working. I would have thought it should work, I've done this in soldworks before and haven't had so many issues.