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Revision table zones - individual cell properties?

Question asked by Steven McCallion on Apr 12, 2019


I've never used the zone feature in the drawing revision templates, or even knew that it existed for that matter.

I was about to post a question about why some cells in my revision table keep updating with nonsensical code numbers, but only when I save out the drawing as a PDF.

SW drawing:



With some digging I found that they're the zones of revision symbols placed out on the drawing. Cool! However my name is unfortunatley not C5,D5,D6. I have found the help files on how to set the zones in the sheet format properties, and how to completely turn them on or off in the rev table properties.

But how did those particular cells in my rev table become zone-related in the first place, and how do i turn that functionality on or off for individual cells?


Also, is it a bug that sw is pushing them when I save as pdf, or is that a feature I haven't wrapped my head around yet?


Turning them off solves my immediate problem. But now that I know about this function I may as well introduce it to our newer drawing templates, because some of our drawings are a bit chaotic, even when on A2 size.