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Selecting Surface Edge

Discussion created by Scott Baugh on Apr 12, 2019
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This is not a question, however, I wish SW had an ongoing Tep ten list throughout the year.... sigh


I think SW should reverse the option when selecting the edge of a surface to create another surface type.


Currently, SW immediately highlights the surface then you select an edge. I don't know about you, but I have always had a heck of a time trying to select all of the edges. I am aware that I could RMB and select open Loop or tangency, but that is not always an option, sometimes I have to go through an select each edge. Since most of my files are imported engine models, I have a lot of split edges. I have tried to make the colors between the surface much different to the highlighted edges, but it's still really hard to determine what is selected and what is not and it seems worse in 2019.

Surface Selection.jpg


I think SW should reverse this to where the surface does not highlight UNTIL all the edges are selected. This would do two things, make easier to select the edges and when it highlights I know everything is select properly.


What is your opinion, thoughts, or comments?