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Motion Analysis Calculation Errors

Question asked by Ian Goetschius on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2019 by Ian Goetschius

Hey guys,


I have created this assembly of a toy horse with the appropriate mechanisms for it to move. The mechanism functions fine under the animation tab in motion study but for some reason the mechanism doesn't function at all when I switch over to "Motion Analysis" in order to analyze velocity and acceleration graphs. From what I can tell the pulley that the rotary motor is acting on is spinning but the shaft that the pulley is mated to isn't spinning even though rotation is locked by a concentric mate. This pulley is also necessary in order to transfer power to the front mechanism but power isn't being transferred through the belt mate/part either. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Here is a link to the files:

The assembly file is named back leg mechanism and thank for for any suggestions.