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PDM Convert Task Word/Excel -> PDF lost data

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Apr 11, 2019

Hey fellas,

I submitted this to my VAR, but yall might like to know that there is a bug in the PDM Office Convert to PDF task where it can delete your work.


DO NOT run the Word/Excel-> PDF task on checked out files.  It will revert the file to the previous version (or blank document).  Make sure the live file is checked in before running the task.


I had 6hrs into a document, saved it, closed it, hit the PDM PDF button, and it erased all my work.  Not cool.  I tried using Disk Drill (really cool tool) to get it back, but no luck.


Its repeatable in SW2018sp4 and I don't see an SPR for this issue, so it may well still happen in newer versions.  If anyone is on a newer version please feel free to comment.


This doesn’t occur for the Solidworks drawings to PDF task.


SPR is 1128380