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Part Renaming Issue

Question asked by Don Cheke on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Don Cheke

I am in the process of cleaning up another person's project with parts, assemblies, drawing, etc.. I have had to rename some parts and did so through SW Explorer as is typical when doing so. When I go to open an assembly or a drawing and it asks where a specific file is located, I find it and select it and the file opens as expected. I then save the drawing or model expecting it to have now remembered the new name/location. However, when I go to open the same models or drawing later on I get the same need to locate the renamed parts. I have never experienced this before and I am assuming the previous user must have done something that has made this model react so strangely. At times even opening a single drawing, that illustrates only one part, it still looks for parts that don't seem to have any relationship to what is in the drawings. Very strange. Based on this, can anyone offer an educated guess as to what might be wrong and how to go about fixing it? Sorry, I cannot upload the affected files as  they are proprietary in nature. Note that this is using SW 2018 Professional. I have SW 2019 installed but have not tried with that.