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Where is the Position of View in Drawaing

Question asked by Abhishek Lad on Apr 11, 2019
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Hiee All,


Where I can See the position of drawing view. I have use the macro (available on SolidWorks forum) to get the position and outline of bounding box.

By moving the cursor on bounding box i can see the Min. And Max. outline of view(refer pic). But how i can see the Position of the view.

I want to see the position of view without using the macro.

I think their is following relation between position and bounding box

X-Position= ((Max X outline- Min X Outline)*0.5)+ Min X Outline

Y-Position= ((Max Y outline- Min Y Outline)*0.5)+ Min Y Outline

But above relation is not always True

I Need to check the position of view without using macro.