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Pack and Go! Now with less packing!!!

Question asked by Cody Kirsch on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by Carel Wilken

Any one else having even more trouble with Pack and Go then usual? In this case not all the files are being gathered by Pack and Go. The Section#1 Base is not listed in the Section #1 Full Asm in this example. It is not a consistent issue but is reproducible with specific file sets.



At this point Pack and Go seems pretty pointless. I only happened to notice this because I changed the project number and when opening the new assembly I saw it had not changed the Base assembly. At first I thought it just did not change the file but after looking in the zipped folder the file was not there and thew assembly was referencing the original file. If I had not seen that I would have ended changing the original file.


So now Pack and Go does not always update the external references, sometimes does not bring over all the virtual parts (even though that was supposedly fixed in 2019), and now sometimes does not copy all the files. I would rather it do those things consistently so I know what to expect.