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Including a signature in drawing on sign off

Question asked by Aaron Heathcote on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Aaron Heathcote

Our company's process of signing off drawings used to be:

Designer creates PDF of drawing

Approver Checks Drawing

Approver Edits PDF by adding a Stamp of their signature to the PDF

We send it out to manufacturer and manufacturer doesn't produce the part unless we have a signed off pdf.


Now i've set up PDM i have included the DrawnBy and CheckedBy custom properties which automatically fill out.

Our manufacturer is now saying (and now the boss), it has to have a signed off signature on the drawings, which would mean a manual process.

Anyone have any ideas how I can add the signatures to a drawing template and suppress them and only unsuppress the one which relates to the person which has approved it?

Perhaps make the signature into a Block instead but how would I add the signature block through a process.



Such a pain...