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Custom properties in the task pane

Question asked by Kevin Hansen on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by Kevin Hansen

I'm new at Solidworks, and not only that, I'm getting back into it after several months, so I've forgotten most of what little I did know then.


I set up the custom properties tab in the task pane, so I can fill in all my most basic dimensions there, rather than having to hunt through the model for them. This is a sort of template part.


My first question is... When I change dimensions there, I hit Rebuild to update the model. The first thing that happens is it asks me if I want to save. I say yes, and then it saves and is done. I have to hit rebuild again to get it to rebuild. That seems strange to me. Why do I have to save it when I change the custom properties? Am I using this wrong?


My second question... I created a new configuration, and changed the custom properties in it. I can go back and forth between the two configurations and the numbers change on the custom properties tab, but I can't get the model of that new configuration to change. Now it really seems like I misunderstood the idea of custom properties.


Here's what my tab looks like. These seven fields specify the entire part. The locations of all four holes, hole and counterbore diameters, overall size, etc.