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Question asked by Eddie Pellegrin on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Eddie Pellegrin

Does anyone have any experience in using %var_<VARIABLE>% (where <VARIABLE> is a custom property in their solid models? We use this code to send automated e-mails from PDM and have this code set as the subject in the e-mail. We use %var_Part Number% in our case so that it pulls that as the subject for any file we need it to. What we are running into is that sometimes the subject is blank, even though the variable exists in the part. What is really strange is that in our automated e-mail, not only do we have %var_Part Number% in the subject line, but we also use it in the body, example - Part Number : %var_Part Number%, the body code ALWAYS populates, I've never seen it be blank, but the subject line set to %var_Part Number%, is hit and miss? Any ideas?