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Assy BOM With a Cut List

Question asked by Doug Schaefer on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by Mikko Laine

We are creating weldments with tubing and other components as assemblies.  The tubing is created in a single multibody part using the Weldments functionality.  However, we need to add other components, plates, that have their own drawings as they are common across other assemblies.  So, we add the weldment part to an assembly then add the other components.


The problem comes in creating a BOM for all the components. An indented BOM with flat numbering and the Detailed Cut List box checked gets us most of the way there.  But, and this is the problem, the weldment part shows up in addition to the cut tubes and plates.


For example, if a welded assy has 4 cut tubes and 2 plates in it, instead of 6 items the BOM shows 7 - 4 tubes, 2 plates plus the weldment part which isn't really a manufactured part at all.  If I go to the assy and the component properties for the weldment part and select "exclude from bill of materials" it and all the tubes disappear from the BOM.


How can I get an accurate component list in my BOM?