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Entities Not Showing up in Drawings

Question asked by David Suelflow on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Marco Janssen

I have entities (lines, dimensions) that are in a drawing but are not visible. If I hover my curser over the dimensions they highlight and show up, when I hover over the lines (drawn, not model geometry) the endpoint show up and I am able to drag them. We print by "Save-As" a PDF, and they show up there. I've tried the Software Open GL and turning off the Dell Optimizer to no avail.SW RX.jpg

I've run RX and it says my driver is certified but for an older release of Solidworks.

I go to the SW website and it says it's the only driver for my machine.

Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts of what else I can do to fix this.


SW 2017 SP 5.0 - Hotfix 1095621

Dell Precision 3630 Tower

NVIDIA Quadro P400 (391.74 Driver)