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Question asked by Taylor Duran on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Taylor Duran

I know it's possible to create a template for a Weldment cutlist table that you would place on a drawing, but does anyone know if you can create a template for the cutlist properties that populate automatically from using a weldment feature? By default, the properties that import for a weldment cut list item are LENGTH, ANGLE 1, ANGLE 2, Description, MATERIAL, QUANTITY, and TOTAL LENGTH.


Even if I create a weldment cut list table template with the added custom cutlist properties I want, I still have to go back and input the information for each cut list item.

I would like to add a property (or properties) to this default template, so that the custom Property Name(s) and their Value/Text Expression appear and populate automatically whenever a weldment feature is used. If not the Value/Text Expression then at least the Property Name so it's one less step. Is this functionality available in Solidworks?