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New to Composer: Where to find tutorials and other learning tools?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Sarah Dwight

My company just purchased SW Composer so we can make technical illustrations and animations.

I have been tasked with learning the program.

I have found this a difficult task.

I learned SW Professional through native tutorials and MySolidworks online training. So I thought I'd try that here.


In SW Composer I have been unable to use the "Getting Started" link as it sends me to an empty "User Assistance" webpage.

The "Help Topics" link goes to the same empty webpage.

UPDATE: Thanks for the help in the replies, if you use Explorer instead of Chrome and "Allow blocked content" it works!


The "Video Tips" link sent me to Youtube, which thankfully my company hasn't blocked, where I found the playlists.

I haven't watched all the videos, but the second video into the Quick Start Guide shows rotating the assembly with the center mouse wheel, but that doesn't work for me, it pans instead. Zooming works as shown, but rotating is done by holding the RMB, NOT the center wheel.

I'll see about the knowledge in the rest of the videos, but messing up something this simple doesn't bode well.

I watched the Composer training videos on MySolidworks, but they are more advanced than I am ready for.

Where can I learn about the basics of this program? How have other people learned this program?

Are there any tutorials? What did you actually find helpful?


Update: I ended up taking a class through a VAR and I now have a grasp on the program as well as a manual to fall back on and tech support if things go awry or I forget things or just have questions. This should be most helpful because Composer is not my main focus at work and I will probably end up doing a project once in a while, maybe twice a year.