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same displacements, but different stress values

Question asked by Siddhant Patel on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Mohamed El Orche


I have tried for a certain model the manual H adaptive, Automatic H adaptive and P adaptive methods - I'm getting equal displacements for the same model and constraints, but different Von-Mises stress values for all three methods. (Mesh size 0.6mm standard mesh)

Manual H adaptive - 33.1 MPa

Automatic H adaptive - 316 MPa (failing)

P adaptive - 69.7 MPa

with a displacement of 0.028mm for all three methods.

Can anyone please explain as to why am I getting so much of difference in the stress values? or rather which method should be correct?

I am new to simulation studies.



Thanks in advance.