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Apply different custom properties to different sheets in a drawing

Question asked by David Casas on Apr 9, 2019
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I created some custom properties with the property tab builder to be used in my company block box and works perfectly fine for an individual sheet. But in some cases where a part has various configurations, I have 4 sheets in the same drawing document with obviously different information in every block, as revision, codification, name, etc..


To apply the properties I created notes which are linked individually to every property.


My question: Is there any way I can use the custom properties tab to apply individually to every sheet? I am able to apply the same properties to all sheets, updating instantly, but I'd like to be able to apply individually to each one. What I have been doing since I know this tool, is to have the first sheet totally linked to the custom properties, and after apply to everyone, modify the rest manually in notes of the block.


Any help, advice or tips are welcome! thanks in advance.