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Can't select line entities in dwg

Question asked by Daniel Melendez on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by John Burrill

Hi all, I've tried looking up this exact problem and came close to some but not exactly what I needed to fix this prob. Just started this morning.

I have an exploded view or a collapsed view, either won't allow me to pick the line entities nor any faces in the drawing. Actually it will let me pick something in space but not the actual line nor face weird.

I created a new drawing since this is in the early stages of this drawing change.

Yes I checked and unchecked and checked the dynamic highlight graphics view button also.

I've also done a warm boot of my PC not just SWx.

I've tried picking it in the collapsed view then exploding it, it doesn't matter at this point what I do it's not working. Any suggestion will help.

Nothing on my end has changed since last Friday.

I'm at a loss.

SWx 2018 sp4




Thank you, Daniel