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CADLink & ECi M1 ERP Integration

Question asked by Taylor Duran on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2019 by Andrew Schutte

Does anyone on here use Qbuild's CADLink software to integrate into ECi M1 ERP software?


I'm curious what SW properties I should map to for weldments so that the right fields are imported into M1 in the correct fashion.

I'm hoping for some input on how to make the CADLink software work with the basic, out of the box, functions before we decide it is not going to be enough for how we utilize Solidworks and spend the money for a customized solution.


I wanted the "Length" cutlist property to map to Unit Qty but I think I can get by if it will populate the Mtl Unit Qty. I've got the property entered in the correct Field Mappings text box but for some reason the cutlist property "Length" doesn't populate any of the CADLink fields from what I can see.