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Question regarding linkage animation in SW Composer:

Question asked by Gratten Ward on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Daniël Falkmann

Hello. I am having issues understanding how to animate the linkage seen below.


My goal is to set the rotor to rotate about it's pivot, and have the linkages react accordingly. As seen in the assembly tree above, I was able to define the child/parent relationships and kinematic links for Linkage B > Linkage A, Linkage A > Rotor. Where I am confused is defining the child parent relationship and kinematic link that will determine the "PIVOT" indicated above. Logically the relationship should be Base > Linkage B, but setting a fixed base as a child does not make sense to me. I am very new to composer, so I could have easily made a mistake in the way I chose to set up the model. Any advice on how to approach this situation would be much appreciated.


To further illustrate, I have attached a short video (recorded in solidworks, not Composer) showing how I would like the linkage to behave.