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How to add explode lines after creating views and select parts using an external table.

Question asked by Apurva Bahadur on Apr 8, 2019

Hi All,


Request your inputs on the following 2 queries:


  • It is possible to add associative path from neutral and create explode lines after creating the views? I am selectively exploding a large assembly and have forgotten to 'add the associative path from neutral' on a few parts before creating the views, saving the .smg file and shutting down the computer. After restarting the Composer program, I can move/translate the part. However, the explode lines do not show even after selecting the 'create associative path from neutral' option. Does saving a view erase the location of neutral position for a part? How does one add the explode lines in an older view?
  • Is it possible to select a set of parts from the Assembly tree using entries from an external Excel table? I am working on a large 3D CAD model with its complete BOM. My client wants me to show views, explode, add call-outs and create BOM table of a smaller assembly. My client specifies the list of parts that form the smaller assembly by an Excel table.  Can I use this Excel table to automatically select the required parts from a larger assembly for processing? Today, I have to copy each part number from the Excel table and use the search function in the Assembly tree to find the part. Is there a way of automating this tedious process?


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions that you may offer.