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    Cosmos user defined sectional loads

    Sven Anteunis
      Hi everyone,

      Our company is specialised in designing windturbines. Currently we are certifying our 600kW machine. We have sent all the necessary information of the structure to a company spialised in simulations. When we have to results, we have to make a spreadsheat of the stress concentration factors.

      Ok my question is the following: Is cosmos able to show/detect stresses in user defined sections. I will give an example of what i mean. I have drawn the tower structure. Now it consists of 18 rings welded together using full penetration welds. I have drawn the welds using a revolve together with the rings as 1 body. So far so good But now i need to know in certain sections how high the stresses are given a certan loads case working on the top.

      Is it posible to ask cosmos to give me this information? And when i find this, can I export this into an excel sheet?

        • Cosmos user defined sectional loads
          Bill McEachern
          Yes Cosmos can do what you need. Iwould use the probe selected option. It will allow you to pick specific nodes and loads valuyes in a table which you save as a spread sheet. The highest stresses will allbe onthe surfce so I don't hink you need to do a section plot to getthe data.
            • Cosmos user defined sectional loads
              Sven Anteunis
              Ok so first i run the study, then i hover on the 'Stress" result, right click and select Section clipping.
              After this the probe tool is the way to get the stresses together with a filter which filters the high stress nodes like ISO CLIPPING?

              Sorry if it is a stupid question, but my boss who was familiar with ansys and he did not find an answer fo rme... Apparently with Ansys this operation is very simple.

              Thanks for your help