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Special coordinate dimension for lathing

Question asked by Winston Sun on Apr 7, 2019
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our lathe operators wish our detail drawings using coordinate dimensions (Diameter / Z coordinate). Background: all the products are revolved. A series of products share the same cross section with different diameters. Therefore, it is easy to create a part file then insert a design table with configurations containing all the diameters. As to the drawing file, I create a view and add all the dimensions necessary, then add custom properties to the drawing file, said Name: Point1, Type: Text, Value: "RD1@DrawingView1" / "D1@Sketch1", then create a detail view and add an annotation linked to Point1. It works for the first sheet. Then I copy first sheet and paste. I changed the reference configuration of the parent view, however, the annotation won't update accordingly, because it is created that way, linked to DrawingView1 and Sketch1. It also works if I am willing to copy the drawing file and change the reference configuration. By doing so, it will create a lot of files which I don't want. I even tried to create custom properties and configuration specific properties at the part file, but all failed. Any idea? Thank you.

Attached pictures: 1.png is the detail view with annotations, 2.png is the parent view (Drawing View 1) with dimensions.


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