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I'm having a problem where my custom properties are automatically reverting, has anyone else had this?

Question asked by Bradley Deeter on Apr 4, 2019
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Hi All,


The company I work for recently transitioned from Creo to Solidworks and we also switched from storing files in a folder heirarchy to Solidworks PDM system. The problem I seem to be having with this right now is that my property field for the part description keeps reverting, this field is found on the part file, the drawing file and also the data card in PDM. For some reason, Solidworks keeps changing this field to "???" I've tried renaming the property on the part level and the drawing level but every time Solidworks regenerates this field reverts to "???". I tried checking the part out and changing it to the correct description, but it still saves with "???" as the Part Description for the custom property. I wouldn't be too concerned with it, but that field is linked to the part description in our drawing title block too. Has anyone had this occur before? I'm not sure what else I can do to try to fix this but I don't want the pdfs of my drawings generating with "???" as the part description accidentally.



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Bradley Deeter